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We are 

Benefit Corporations for Good 



What is it?

Benefit Corporations for Good is a certification program that recognizes corporations for their dedication to the three P's - People, Planet, and Profit - to be a force for good.

At Tribe Pilot, we firmly believe business can and should be used as a force for good, which is why we became a Benefit Corporation within our first year of operation. To us, "good" means we're thoughtful and deliberate about how we build our business and our company culture, and we consider how our actions impact our investors, shareholders, employees, users, community, and the environment.

As an adventure-focused company, we passionately believe we need to protect the planet we love and all the places we play. That's why we're committed to taking action on carbon sequestration, actively participating in the removal of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere to slow - or even reverse - the process of climate change. Click here to learn more about Benefit Corporations for Good.