Trip Plan Guidelines

Contributor Program


Thanks for digging in. We are looking for inspiring individuals to help us build out a content library to support the community.  If you have a special skill, intimate knowledge, amazing story, or key tip we want to give you the platform to tell it. With your help we will build a resource to help every level of adventurer get out more confidently and frequently.  

What we want to showcase:

  • Trips - we are a trip planning app, so share with the community great locations with a trip guide to inspire adventure.  Our aim is to help inspire and plan the next great trip through these trip plans.  - check here for format.  

  • Stories - a great story inspires the next adventure enshrine your experiences with a tale of the adventure.  Stories should be engaging and full of knowledge and teachings.  As outdoor people we know that confidence in the outdoors is gained through a series of stepping stones, and taking the next step is often inspired by others.  Use the power of story to tell your tale, share your experience, and pass on your learnings.  

  • Guides - become a teacher, if you have a special skill or knowledge share it, pass it on, and help the next wave of outdoorists level up their skill set.  Gaining confidence in your skills outside fosters better experiences and greater engagement outside.  

  • Outdoor Recipes - We are searching for you camp chefs that don't leave gourmet behind when they head outside.  Food preparation in the outdoors can be a scary affair for many people.  Use notes or lists to share your favorite outdoor meal ideas and recipes.  This is your venue to shine and share your craft with the Tribe Pilot community.

Rewards Program:

​Our rewards program is setup to give back to our best contributors who have given back to the community and helped our users find their next adventure, leveled up their skill set, or inspired the next chapter.  We have different reward levels based on your contributions and our reward points.  

Reward points:

Trip Plans- each trip plan that meets criteria found here, is eligible for 1 reward point.

Stories - each story that meets the criteria is eligible for 1 reward point

Guides - guides are ranked from 1 to 10 depending on complexity.  Complexity is judged differently depending on special knowledge, length of guide, and usefulness to community.  

Recipes- each recipe that meets criteria found here, is eligible for 1 reward point.

Spark - 20 Points - Tribe Pilot Schwag - Tribe Pilot T-Shirt, and Pro Upgrade

Flame  - 35 Points - Tribe Pilot Schwag Pack - Spark +  Sweat Shirt, Hat, Stickers

Blue Flame - 50 - Points - Flame + a membership in our PRO Deal Program - gain access to over 50 brands under our pro program giving you up to 60% savings on your favorite outdoor brands.  

All trip plans must consist of the following elements:

1) An engaging description of the location, event, hike, float, boat, etc...  The description should lay the foundation for the rest of the plan.  If you are at a lake with 2 to 3 locations in close proximity, you can focus on 1 but mention the fact that there are more than one and say something about the others.  You may also choose, instead, to make the lake the focus in which case you would mention all the campsites and pin/label them in the map.

2) For every trip or location you should mention all the main activities available to users and information about each one.  Mention a trail, or trail system tell the community what they are, what to expect along the way, etc.  If there are boat rentals, or important things to know, mention these with hyper links where appropriate. 

   Example: This lake is great for canoes, and paddle boarding, you can find rentals at the Elk Lake Resort find them online here

3) Tagging, all posts should be tagged at the end of the description, as many tags as are appropriate are recommended (more is better). The convention is #tag or for multi word tags bracket the words by #s. 

   Examples: #skivacation and #ski vacation# may both be used

4) Give credit to the indigenous people that came before us by attributing the lands to the correct tribal nation. 

   Example: This land originally was part of the Navajo nation and XXX trail system was used in their trading routs.  Where possible find the indigenous names of places and monuments.

5) Lastly, where applicable, we want to pay credit to the people or organizations that are responsible for maintaining the recreational zones we utilize and provide links to support them.  

   Example: These trails are maintained by the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) - consider providing a donation here