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Hey, Tribe Pilot community.

Like you, all of us at Tribe Pilot are social distancing at home, and any plans we had for spring adventures have been indefinitely postponed. Though we understand it’s crucial to avoid travel and close contact with people right now, it’s still frustrating. But remember, this is temporary. We’ll be able to visit the places we love with the people we love when this is all over.


With that in mind, in an effort to help you keep your spirits up while you’re suffering from cabin fever, we're upgrading any trip planned between now and the end of April to include all our Pro features for free. (You can change the dates of your planned trips as many times as you need to.)


We know a lot of folks are feeling incredibly cooped up, and we know you want to get back to adventuring with friends and family as soon as you can. Hopefully, being able to plan a trip on Tribe Pilot will give you something to look forward to.


So, plan those trips. Invite all the people you’re missing right now. And look forward to all the adventuring you’re going to do together when it’s once again safe and responsible to do so.



  • The Team at Tribe Pilot