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April 5, 2019

Version 3 is here! This is a big one, so get ready! • We have totally redesigned the Tribe Pilot app from the ground up. The new interface is faster, more intuitive, and easier to use — the only thing we kept the same was the name. This update has been a long time coming, and we thank you for your patience. • There’s still plenty of work to do, and plenty to stay excited for. Our product roadmap, created in part by your feedback, will be adding new features and functionality. Our goal? Create the most trusted trip planning companion app ever, so that you can spend less time planning, and more time adventuring. WHAT’S NEW • Everything! You told us what you wanted, and we listened. We’ve spent the past year working hard to bring you an entirely new interface. It’s sleek, it’s fast, and it’s simpler to use. There’s powerful invite and list-building functions, a chat area, and an in-app map and calendar. It’s everything you need to get pumped up with your Tribe as you plan your upcoming adventures. • We thought about you, iPhone X users. The Tribe Pilot interface is now optimized for the larger iPhone sizes (and for that stinkin’ top notch). No more black bars on the top and bottom of the app! • Taking your smartphone off-grid can be a real pain for apps that rely on connectivity. But what adventure doesn’t take you offline here and there? In order to keep Tribe Pilot at your side the whole trip, we’ve made it un-pluggable. Now you can have your trip plan details at your fingertips no matter how far off the map you go. • Have no fear, notifications are here! Tribe Pilot is all about staying in touch with the Tribe, so we’ve put all your update notifications in one spot within the app — and you can enable Tribe Pilot push notifications on your smartphone. • We’ve completely redesigned how Tribe Pilot looks and feels, to the point that you might not even recognize us from version 1.0. The home screen now only displays your upcoming trips. The trip details page keeps all the most important info you need at your fingertips. Overall, the app is cleaner and makes more sense to use. And we think it’s absolutely gorgeous. • Tribe Pilot is all about helping build your Tribe and keeping you connected. Inviting others to your adventure circle is as easy as tapping their name in your contacts app and sending them a text message. And setting up Tribe Pilot is a snap, so your new Tribe members will be helping plan your adventure in just minutes after the download. WHAT'S IMPROVED • Get started faster than ever with simple two-step trip plan creation. Name your trip. Assign it a banner photo. That’s it. Then you can dive into the details, adding the specifics as you get them. • Can’t find the perfect image for your trip banner? No worries. We now have a collection of fun stock images you can use as a placeholder. Your trip pages will always look great (and get people excited for adventure!) • The Trip Details page is now informative and beautiful. There's less clutter, and all the trip details are on a single screen, with the most important information front and center. No need to navigate from page to page to find what you're looking for. • A searchable in-app map lets you pin a location for the rest of your Tribe to find. Guide them to a trailhead, the group camping area, or any other point of interest. ​​ • We heard you — we’ve built an in-app calendar to make trip date selection a breeze. Done. WHAT'S FIXED • Loading times have been eliminated. Woohoo! • App invitations can be received and accepted between smartphones with different operating systems. iOS and Android can now play together. • ​We’ve eliminated the majority of app crashes. (But please let us know if you discover any new ones!)​ OPERATIONS UPDATES​ • For all you techies out there, we’ve been hard at work making a platform that’s stable, scalable, and fun to work on. • Our biggest bit of news is that we’ve moved to a React Native platform! (What?!) Yeah, it’s amazing, and will allow us to iterate faster, creating and pushing new features to both Android and iOS in record time. • Second is the backend infrastructure. We got off the old dotNET framework and moved to a fully managed AWS stack, so reliability and scalability should never be an issue in the future.

April 8, 2019

Version 3.0.1 • Added additional iPad support Bug Fixes • Trip Invites not getting created with certain contact phone number formats • Accessibility font scaling pushing text inputs off-screen • Fewer crashes means more fun

April 28, 2019

Version 3.0.2 Bug Fixes • No longer get stuck on loading when signing up • Profiles are editable! • Manual Contact Entry works now, whether or not you've imported your contacts • Pro Trip and Pro Account upgrades are ready to roll

May 9, 2019

Version 3.0.3 Bug Fixes • Lists can be purchased without issue! • We've taken care of known crashes

May 21, 2019

List feature is new and improved!

June 20, 2019

• List crashes have been eliminated. Woohoo!
• The lists that were having troubles opening before are now fully accessible
• You've got more info at your fingertips before purchasing Tribe Pilot Pro
• iPhone users can now upgrade to Pro seamlessly

July 12, 2019

• Didn't know you could swipe to delete items in a list? Well you do now! ...Or you could use the Edit Mode we just added • New feature in Invites! Now you can get a preview of what's going to send to your recipients before you send it out • Various other minor fixes and improvements

July 24, 2019

• Added pro badges! Now you can see what users and trips are pro by looking for their badge • Fixed the search feature when looking for friends to invite to your trip

August 8, 2019

• *NEW FEATURE* Saved Lists is here! Users with pro accounts can now save any list to their Library and reuse it on other trips • *NEW FEATURE* Customize your feed by uploading your own trip images

September 9, 2019

• Did the trip chat feel funky to you but couldn’t quite figure out why? We’ve selected and integrated a NEW chat interface to make it feel more familiar. We think you and your tribe will like it a whole lot better • Got someone on the trip who keeps “forgetting” to RSVP? Not a problem. Now you can resend the invitation as many times as you want • With these next 2 enhancements we’re starting to make the home screen more useful to you • Trip invitations have been surfaced to the home screen • At a glance, you can now see trip updates right from your home screen and see exactly what has changed. No more headaches from hunting for what has changed on your trip! • No need to wait for a drop-out to withdraw, now you can manually remove members from your trip, and speed up reallocation of list and task items • And this one hints at some of the new upgrades and features to come - out with plain ol’ Google Maps and in with shiny new Mapbox -- now you can see even more details like trails and topo lines

October 8, 2019

• Quick! Send a message to your tribe now that you can access chat right at the top of your trip details • Take a walk down memory lane by checking out all your past trips right from the home screen • Tap the ••• and enjoy a more beautiful list of actions to take • Go ahead and upgrade your trip or account -- we just added a sweet confirmation screen

October 24, 2019

• Need help planning your trip? Adding additional planners is here! • Stay updated with trip changes -- be sure to turn your push notifications on • Get your lists dialed in right away now that you can assign items to members before they’ve accepted your trip • Lists has some new icons for your viewing pleasure

Januay 3, 2020

Get ready for the biggest update we’ve ever released! Tribe Pilot is transitioning into Dark Mode to save your battery in the backcountry. We’ve also given our home screen and library a sleeker, more refined UI with the rest of the app to follow. • Adding multiple pins to your map is finally here! Mark your campsites, trailheads, and all the waypoints in between. **NEW PRO FEATURE** • See all your trip locations in one place with the Dashboard Map • Dashboard and Library both enhanced incorporating your feedback suggestions • Keep your eyes peeled for other design changes throughout the app - we’ve covered a lot of your suggestions for the “Who”, What”, “When” and “Where” of planning your outdoor adventure - less stressing, more time having fun!

January 28, 2020

• The transition to Dark Mode continues! • Find your contacts and send invitations more efficiently with our updated Invitations screen • Enjoy a more streamlined experience, as our development team continues to get rid of those pesky bugs

March 15, 2020

Performance enhancements and some UI updates.

April 2, 2020

Trips Upgrades now free through the end of April.

- Lists upgrade including dark mode, and some other key enhancements. It'll knock your wool socks off.

March 3, 2020

Another big performance and stability release. Things are getting faster and smoother now.